We are the only one with very special new experience: Gloryhole!
For those, who never heard about it, Gloryhole is small hole in the wall for your penis. The hole connects two rooms, in one room are you and in second room is anonymous girl.
There are two variants of oral sex:
-With condom (800czk), or
-without condom coming in mouth include (1100czk).

The time is limited 15min max or until first happy end.
Also, there are some buttons on the wall for you to give signal to girl on the other side, for example buttons for slower or faster tempo, or for extension (30min classic sex included, extra 1000czk).
Gloryhole is for shy men, or just for those who wants to keep himself in anonymity.
You can try to use it for curiosity or for variegation, as you like.
We hope you enjoy new, nice and mysterious experience.