Several times a month we have prepared "Small SWINGERS PARTY"
How does it work and what does a small party mean?
The event will only take place with three girls who will be available "at the place" to all current visitors throughout the event.
Three girls can only come at the same time to three gentlemen, so that they do not miss someone.
The event will be every Friday ( if all the girls are present ), exactly from 6 pm, when the first three people can come for an hour.
Three more people can arrive at 7 pm, also for an hour. (If there is a lot of interest, the next and last group will be from 8 pm)
In your own interest come on time, otherwise you will be deprived of the delayed minutes in the ongoing action! We start and end as the whole group.
Please note that these are swingers. Other gentlemen will be present and will be in the same room as you.
If the presence of other men bothers you, maybe this party is not for you.
Of course, you may also come by yourself, in which case you have all the girls just to yourself! :)
If you want to have two or three girls for yourself, use the "DUO" or "Every 10 Minutes Girl" action.
Swingers cannot choose the girls by themselves, that means that only the girls who like such events are taking part. We will not persuade others.

Service included in the price: classic and oral with a condom / with each girl. Additional services such as oral without protection, kissing, cum in mouth and so on are also possible.
These surcharges can be arranged with a specific lady and paid in advance. Prices of surcharges can be found in the PRICE LIST menu.

It's a great event for everyone. Please accept the wishes of the girls, don’t make them do things they don’t want to do and do not think they are some sex machines.
If someone disrespects these manners, it will only result in cancelling of act and the girls' reluctance to do something.
Also accept other visitors, discretion and last but not least, keeping the "personal space" of the master next to you.
Just as our girls, who maintain a perfect hygiene, we appeal to the health and purity of you, the client.

Most importantly: When changing a lady, it is ALWAYS necessary to change a condom. They will be available free of charge in the room.

You can make a reservation for the event, but please note in advance: whoever does not arrive will NEVER cut back.

The price of swingers per hour is 2400 CZK / 100€
(Exceptionally, there is an exact hour in total for this event, which means about 10 minutes of shower + changing and 50 minutes of action with girls)
There will be one or two rooms with a large bed and a living room with a small bar, where you can order alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, and have some snacks.

So, thank you and, if applicable, Hi at the event: - *
Your girls Topky